Are you ready to put your creative idea onto a custom pinback button? Choose a button shape & size that would best fit your idea then download our button making templates, available in both PDF & PSD format.


Our templates are important because it allows you or your designer to view the space that can be properly worked within. The inner red line represents the button face. Any artwork or text that extends past this line will be cut off. The outer line shows how far to extend the background. The dotted blue lines allow to place text on the rim of the button. The template guides will not go to print.


Are you stuck without a button design? No problem we got you covered, our in-house design team can create your button artwork at a reasonable fee. We will email you a quote followed by a digital proof. Contact us with a detailed description of what you would like to see on your button. Examples Include:

  • Size of button
  • Background color
  • Images
  • The style of font
  • Font color
  • Text & text placement


  • Please have your colour mode set to CMYK
  • Ensure that all text is converted to outlines, 
  • Ensure all linked images are embedded
  • Save your file(s) as a High Resolution PDF or AI
  • Please have your color mode set to CMYK
  • Create your artwork at 300 dpi otherwise your design may print blurry
  • Do not merge or flatten the template layers
  • Save your file(s) as a PDF or PSD


To ensure that you receive the highest quality products, download our Custom Button Templates. Having proper artwork is a crucial step in creating custom buttons and magnets that look awesome.

 1" Button PDF PSD 1.25" Button PDF PSD
1.5" Button PDF PSD 1.75" Button PDF PSD
2.25" Button PDF PSD 3" Button PDF PSD